Current Pairings

Ripley x Westley
(0.1 Pastel '16 x 1.0 Pastel Banana Enchi Woma '19)
Two first-time breeders, aiming mainly for Bananas and Super Pastels. These two have been fantastic breeders so far, and we are looking forward to eggs this year! Because this is our first snake clutch we will not be offering a waitlist until the eggs are in the incubator, but if you are really interested, feel free to shoot us a message!
Current Breeders
0.1 Pastel '16 - 1888 Grams

Ripley is a true survivor. She is a gentle giant and one of the most amazing snakes I've met. Despite being covered from head to tail in large scars from live-feeding, she has been the sweetest girl.

(She is in blue in the picture!)
1.0 Pastel Banana Enchi Woma '19 - 880 Grams

Westley is as pretty as he is a drama queen, he is seriously the most high-strung ball python. However, I'm sure we will be able to calm him down eventually with enough handling. 
1.0 LESSER '19 - 1037 Grams

(Description coming soon!)
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